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Super Bowl Weekend Too.

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PostPosted: Feb Sun 13, 2011 11:17 am    Post subject: Super Bowl Weekend Too. Reply with quote

Our first trip to Reno in 8 years. We met up with my buddy and his wife at the Portland (PDX) airport and sat in the margerita bar while waiting for our flight. Our flight went from Portland to Boise, changed planes and arrived in Reno at 7:00 pm. My buddy was staying at the El Dorado so he jumped on the shuttle. I saw the sign that said Circus Circus guests need to pick up the phone and call the hotel for transportation after 4:00 pm. (On a Friday?) No answer so we hopped on the El Dorado bus thanks to the driver suggestion. We hiked from the El Dorado dragging our bags to the Circus Circus and checked in. I complained to a manager about the bullcrap shuttle that was part of our resort fee ($10.00 per day) We were comped 2 buffets. Up to the room, 18th floor in the Sky Tower, end room with a decent view. We planned on getting something to eat but wifey found a slot machine that we wanted to play. We ended up in the sandwich shop at 4:00 am getting a couple sandwiches and some chili nachos. Get to bed at 5:30 am and wake up at 11:00 am. Nothing like going overboard on the first day.
Saturday we wander on down for some breakfast then hit the casino. Wifey was doing well on slots. Putting in $20.00 and cashing out $40.00 to $50.00 and pocketing the cash. She did this most of the day. I didnt do as well but managed to not lose my daily allowance. Out to the street to see the tail gate party stuff. We went to the Sliver Legacy, El Dorato and Cal Neva. We played very well at the Cal Neva. Stayed there until supper time and went to that pasta joint there. The food was very good and not to expensive. Back to the Silver Legacy where I $20.00 on the craps table and played the pass line for just a few minutes when my turn to shoot came around. First point was 8, made my point. Second point 8, made my point. Damned if my third point wasn't 8, made my point. The guy next to me was all high fives and complementing how white my sneakers were. 2 more rolls and I crapped out. Walked away with $45.00 more than I started with. Off to the Circus Circus where wifey found a fun slot machine for herself and I needed to put $5.00 on red at a roulette table for a work buddy. He lost. I put $5.00 on black and won. I never played roulette before but I repeated my bet and put $5.00 on the second group of numbers and won. After several rounds of betting I walked away with $85.00. Not bad for betting $10.00 of my own money.
Sunday was spent saving my seat at the sports book bar at the Cal Neva. We watched the game there. Drinks were not expensive and the taco's and fries were really good. After the game we went back to Circus Circus to relax for and hour or so then back down to the casino. I saw a guy playing a huge slot machine with a bench seat. He played his $10.00 betting minimum bets and lost it all. Wifey and I sat down and I put $20.00 in. Max bet is $1.50. Third pull I get the bonus round. Standing up to reach the screen I start tapping the boxes to see how many free spins I get and I find the one box that gives max spins. Cool. We sit back in the seat and watch the spins happen. Cash out at $138.00. Woo Hoo I like that machine.
Monday is our day to leave. Pack our bags and drop them off at the bell desk, our flight is at 3:35pm. We eat at the Cafe Americana for breakfast. Used the comp we got at check in. Went to the casino and wandered to the Silver Legacy. Wifey didn't do too well, neither did I. Back to the Circus Circus she sat at and Elvis slot right off the registration desk. She hit it for $100.00. We took the shuttle to the airport to find our flight delayed. Our plane had weather in Houston and would be 1 1/2 hours late. We hung around the airport looking in the few shops they have there. When the time felt right we went thru security and down to the gate. Waiting for the plane I played Wheel of Fortune and won $25.00. The flight home was a bit bumpy, enough for wifey to want to hold hands and squeeze the blood out of me.
We had a great time all in all. Better than our trips to Las Vegas. I do believe I like Reno better. Driving home from the airport I asked if she wants to go back for our anniversary in August and she said yes.
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PostPosted: Feb Mon 14, 2011 8:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I love that big bench machine, too! I've hit it a few times for a big cash out... otherwise, I never go in to CC....

Thanks for posting and we look forward to your August report!!
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PostPosted: Feb Mon 14, 2011 9:31 am    Post subject: In the (Re)know Reply with quote

Good work; it's nice that you and the wife can enjoy gambling together!

Thanks for writing; let us know how the August trip goes.

Welcome back to Reno!
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