Reno Tipping Guide

This tipping guide is by no means ironclad. Since the term "Tip" is generally believed to be an acronym meaning "To Insure Performance", it stands to reason the tip should be in line with the quality of services rendered. Keep in mind that most of the people working in casinos make a very small wage and depend on tips for their survival. My personal feeling is when working for tips, one should understand the level of service determines the level of income. If that isn't clear, 7-Eleven is hiring.

Skycaps & Bellpersons - Anyone who handles your bag should get $1 per bag.

Taxi Drivers - 15% of the fare - more or less depending on the driver's degree of helpfulness. Did he actually get out of the cab and open your door or help you with your baggage?

Valet Parking Attendants - $1 when you leave the car and a buck or two when picking it up, depending on how long it takes to get your car back. These guys run their butts off.

Dealers - Usually 10% of the original bet on big wins and at your discretion at shift changes or when you leave the table.

Slot attendants - A dollar or two for a hopper fill. Big wins should tip more. That's why on a $1000 payoff, you'll get 9 $100 bills, 4 $20's and maybe 4 $5's. Take the hint.

Casino Cocktail Waitresses - Drinks are free while you're playing, so a buck a drink won't hurt. Keep in mind you'll get better service by taking care of the waitress

Concierge - A few bucks depending upon what service he or she has provided.

Hotel Maids - A dollar or two is a nice treat for the people who keep your room in good condition. I normally leave the tip on the pillow so she knows it isn't just money laying around a messy room.

Restaurants and bars - The same you'd tip in your own town - 15%+ depending on the service.

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