Literary Arts is proud to provide this Artists Section to showcase many of Reno's fine artists. These artists are among more than 750 local and regional artists in the Sierra Arts Artist Registry. The Registry is available to corporations, schools, churches and other arts organizations to seek an artists(s) for a specific program and to assist the individual artists professionally. The registry also informs artists of local opportunities to exhibit and to receive funding. For more information contact Sierra Arts at 329-ARTS.

Croft, Michael Michael Croft is the director of the Truckee Meadows Community College Writers' Conference. The conference is a two and four-day affair devoted to the writing and publishing world and offers fiction and poetry workshops, plus lectures, readings, and panel discussions. Mr. Croft has published several short stories and poems in literary journals. Recently he won a jazz/poetry contest sponsored by KSCM-FM in San Mateo, CA for his poem "Meeting John Coltrane." For conference details, please call 829-9010.  

Evanoff, John John C. Evanoff has published poetry, prose and short stories in national and international journals and local publications since he was 15 years old. He joined the Marine Corps in 1967 during the Vietnam conflict and worked as a news and photo correspondent for the Joint Informational Services Organization. He attended the University of Nevada-Reno, several California Colleges and Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno. A prolific feature writer for numerous college publications over the years, he won the 1997 Nevada/California Regional Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society Literary Award. He also won the Honors Topic Literary Scholarship for three successive years while at TMCC. Competing against more than 5000 chapter officers from the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany, John won the 1998 Phi Theta Kappa Distinguished Chapter Officer Gold Medal for his writings and service. He was elected to Who's Who in American Colleges and was named to the National Deans List. He currently resides in Reno with his wife Sharon of 20 years and is completing a second book of poetry, a screenplay, a trilogy and a book of short stories. John is a Marketing Consultant and works with many local charities and service organizations including the Reno Jazz Orchestra, For the Love of Jazz, and Make a Wish Foundation.
Self-realization is the free, complete and total expression of all the complex instincts and impulses found within us, and harmonizing the endeavor into this unique compilation and understanding of the language is a completeness in consciousness for me.
Some things never go out of style, like literary classics, timeless phrases and good Jazz. My passion for Jazz and attack of the senses to identify and interpret life and self through poetry are life long pleasures. Composing personal truths, chaos and sensuality into compelling verse gives me a good sense of the musical artist's labors. So, if in drafting and redrafting a line, deleting words that don't fit, and inserting those that say what I want but identify with others, leads you to discover some elusive epiphany, then I have succeeded in inspiring your heart to dance with mine. Thus, the title for this book, HeartJazz.
HeartJazz is my expression of self-image and self-comprehension but it is also the same magical or perhaps absurd moment you may have scribbled a line vis-à-vis or spoken about to a friend. Either way, I give you my perceptions, consenting to your conceptions, and wish you a happy life, a world of words without strife.

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